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BEUCHAT ATOLL, 2 mm. Erkek Dalış Elbisesi 
The Atoll gear designed by Beuchat, who invented the isothermal dive suit, is a striking new product that is sure to appeal to all divers looking for a high performance suit offering excellent value for money.
Top quality design and expertise from Beuchat, the inventor of the modern diving suit.
Special exclusive pattern designed in France.
Pre-formed anatomical cut.
Pre-formed arms and legs, contoured lower back and crotch for a snug fitting suit.
UV50+ sun protection, great ease of dressing and undressing.
Cut edges.
Colors matched with Maxlux S masks, Spy snorkel and Play fins.
High quality Beuchat finish 
Beuchat quality and craftsmanship embodied in meticulous detailing and finish.
Neoprene panels bonded edge-to-edge with internal/external overlock for a better watertightness.
Extra comfort and more freedom of movement 
Ultrastretch neoprene for improved comfort.
Cut designed to offer extra flexibility.
Pre-formed anatomical cut.
Pre-formed for greater ease of movement.
Zipless comfort collar
To useWarm or temperate waters
MaterialJersey inside

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